Wassim AlShaar is Ruling the Music Industry with his Voice

Wassim AlShaar is a known artist who is based in Cyprus and known to sing only the Arabic songs. He started his singing career way back in 2000. He performed in a number of events and ceremonies along with different celebrations. Besides performing in a number of public and private parties in nations like Syria, Egypt, Jordan and in UAE. While brought up in Cyprus he always loved music and has developed his own singing style. He wanted to sign in Greek and that led him to an interesting experience for Wassim.

Later, he was seen publishing the cover with the help of using Arabic songs along with Greek Music. Later he was seen publishing a cover called Wely Ya Wely with the help of Arabic song along with Greek music. He filmed the video clip in Cyprus, while the music for him was composed in Qatar seeking the help of music galleries based in Cyprus and Lebanon. His future plans are to sing in English and it will be coming soon. Hope to hear more songs from the singer in diverse languages.

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