Nagpur has the Slowest Broadband in India

Heard of Speedtest software that remains the yardstick to record the speed of the internet at your PC or laptop. Well, this product is owned by a company called Ookla. The company has embarked upon a report on broadband download speed in India. As per the reports, there is a constant rise in internet speed for the past few years. As per the reports, cities like Chennai and Mumbai have the highest of the broadband speed allowing you to access the internet at lightning speed.

However, the same Ookla reports suggest that Nagpur has the slowest internet speed or broadband speed when compared to the other cities in the country. As per reports, Chennai and Mumbai with fixed broadband gets the speed of 51 Mbps, while Bangalore remains second with the speed of 41.50 Mbps followed by Hyderabad with 41.68 Mpbs. Nagpur is recorded with 20.10 Mpbs as compared to Pune and Kanpur getting the internet speed of 22.78 and 23.20 Mbps respectively.

On the other side, the mobile download speeds have different stories with Mumbai having 11.87 and Indore having 11.80 Mbps. Lucknow records 8.94 MPBS this year. The highest was Mumbai while Nagpur and other cities remain lagging behind. However, when we compare our 4G technology speed with neighboring nations like Bangladesh and Pakistan they have a speed of 58 per cent higher speeds. The report has been developed after studying 21 million users all across the cities in India. With 2.5 million of users adding up every year, things are really bad when it comes to internet speed.

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