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Out of 10k samples, 10 test positive, 9 patients were cured

9 patients under treatment have been cured. At present, out of 11,20,720 patients in this region, 10,99,127 have been cured. And the recovery rate is only at 98 percent.

Nagpur: On Tuesday in the Vidarbha region the TPR (Test Positivity Rate) remained low for the 4th consecutive day. Out of about 10,000 tests conducted, only 10 have tested positive, which means a 0.10% Test Positivity Rate.

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9 patients under treatment have been cured. At present, out of 11,20,720 patients in this region, 10,99,127 have been cured. And the recovery rate is only at 98 percent. There has been no death due to coronavirus on Tuesday.

On Tuesday Gadchiroli (3), Amravati (3), and Nagpur (4) were the only 3 districts to report new cases. All other 8 districts have registered 0 new covid cases. At present, 167 patients are also under treatment in this area. Of these, 73 are in Nagpur district only. Less than 10 patients are under treatment in Washim, Akola, Gondia, Buldhana, Bhandara, and Wardha.

Amravati: 3 new covid cases – 1 from Paratwada and 2 from the city – taking the district’s caseload to 96,201 as of Tuesday. The new covid patients include a 34-year-old man from Kandali in Paratwada, a 66-year-old man from Joshi Colony here, and a 32-year-old woman from Uttam Nagar. A total of 469 samples have been tested in the last 24 hours. With new covid cases, the number of active cases under treatment has gone up to 17, and No new deaths and recoveries.

Yavatmal: Keeping the number of dead in this district unchanged at 1,788, neither there was any death nor any new positive patient on Tuesday. At present, 25 active covid positive patients are also under treatment. The administration has got 72,966 positive patients so far. On Tuesday, 71,153 including one have been corrected.

Wardha: No new positive case, death or recovery has been reported on Tuesday. A total of 292 test reports have been received, While not a single positive was found, due to which the caseload has been helped to remain at 49,434.

Chandrapur: This district has scored 0 marks in the case of recovery, death, and investigation on Tuesday. The figure of active patients has remained stable at 15.

Bhandara: All the 514 tests conducted in this district in the last 24 hours were negative. Even on the fifth day, now the same covid patient is being treated.

Gondia: Another 0 days has been recorded in this, in which there was not a single new case, There was no report of death or recovery of covid patients under treatment.

Gadchiroli: 3 new cases of coronavirus have been found in this district on Tuesday. 1 patient has been cured. At present, there are only 30,834 cases in the district, which is the least among the 11 districts of the Vidarbha region. 14 patients of covid are undergoing treatment in this district.

Buldhana: All the 368 tests done in the last 24 hours in the district have come negative. No recovery was reported. At present, there are 87,659 coronavirus caseloads in this district.

Washim: 2 out of 4 patients undergoing treatment in the Washim district have been cured on Tuesday. Not a single new patient has come out in front. There are currently 41,778, 41,136 caseloads out of which have recovered so far and 639 people have died. Treatment of 2 covid patients is going on.

Akola: No new case of coronavirus has been reported in this district as all the 635 tests conducted in the last 24 hours turned out to be covid negative. At present, treatment of 7 covid patients is going on.

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