Paras’s girlfriend Anaksha Puri blasts at Asim on calling Paras “Ganja”

From the first week of this season of Bigg Boss a rivalry between Asim and Paras became very popular. Both of them are seeking to apply bad comments to each other. From the starting of the show, Asim has kept calling Paras Ganja.

Paras lost his hair at a very soon age and wears a wig to hide this. Asim makes this a point and has kept taunting Paras anytime when they face an encounter with others.

Akansha Puri (Girlfriend of Paras Chabad) in a recent interview on a media platform, however, spoke in this regard. In this interview when the reporter asked her about what she thinks of such behavior of Asim for Paras, she became very angry on Asim.

Akansha Puri also came in the support of Paras Chabad and told the reporter that Asim had to apologize for this to Paras. She also commented that ” If a boy commented on the body of a girl we called him body shaming and this is wrong. Asim also is doing a body-shaming thing to Paras. If Body shaming is wrong then this was also wrong.”

Akansha Puri seems to be in the blast mode this time. She also told the media that if she gets a chance to enter the house, she will definitely talk to Asim in this case.

Akansha Puri commented ” Shefali and Asim both of them also commented on the wig of Paras. Why House members are not taking a stand about this.”

Well, The makers of this show have extended Bigg Boss 13 for 5 weeks and news of 3 more wildcard entries is coming along.

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