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Rihanna drops new ketchup-themed makeup line

Just when we were going crazy on Rihanna’s maternity fashion, she gave us something more to talk about. Her cosmetic company has come up with something rather bizarre.

“Ketchup or Makeup”

This is basically the catch. The box comes with 6 packets that either contain ketchup or gloss. And you can only find out after opening the packet. This has come out as the result of Fenty’s collaboration with MSCHF. It hasn’t necessarily received the most positive feedback though.

“I’m sorry but who wants to spend $25 to end up getting ketchup packets,” was a comment. Which is fair. Although some people are also looking forward to the surprise element of it. Regardless, it has stirred a lot of conversation.

Rihanna with ketchup Makeup
Rihanna with ketchup Makeup

MSCHF has been known for some of the most unique campaigns and collaborations. Like the time it released “Satan Shoes” in collaboration with Lil Nas X. The collection contained only 666 pieces, 66cc ink, and one drop of human blood. Yes, you read that right, one drop of HUMAN BLOOD. The case was obviously a controversial one. There were lawsuits faced by the brand for unauthorised production. But safe to say, it was a big hit. 

Nothing can be said about the new campaign though. It could either take Fenty to new unchartered territories of glory, or a new fiasco awaits.

Anyway, apart from that, Rihanna has totally revolutionized pregnancy fashion. From her naked dress to sequined top, and absolutely cool streetwear. We’re thoroughly excited to what she has in store with her brand and her amazing fashion choices. Currently, she has been busy parenting her newborn baby boy with A$AP Rocky.

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