Shyam sidhawat ready to rock in 2021 with his passion and hardwork

Shyam Sidhawat, a 24 years old guy from Rajasthan who kickstarted his journey back in 2016, is currently one of the eminent dancers in the entertainment industry.

Battling all the odds and struggling with multiple difficulties, Shyam has successfully built his career on his own and is now a proud owner of Dblond crew, a dance studio based in Ahmedabad.

Following his passion came with a cost for Shyam, where he had no family support and had to survive on his own. With the financial crisis hitting him hard, Shyam had to spend more than 6 months sleeping on the floor of a studio. From no food to eat to washing his own clothes to having a bath on the roadside, Shyam has overcome all the difficulties and is currently teaching more than 200 students who want to pursue a career in dance.

With a track record of winning more than 10 dance competitions in the past along with bagging first place at DUDC all Gujarat dance association, 2017 too many other prominent shows, Shyam has been witnessing success undeniably.

It was back in 2018 when Shyam had met with an accident Shyam on his birthday which injured his right leg so badly that doctors had suggested strict bed rest for 6 months and an ultimatum to never go dancing again in his life.

Shyam who is an ardent dance lover never gave up and instead decided to continue his career in dancing. During this hard time, Just Dance India announced its competition for the year 2018, which is when Shyam will give it a shot. With his sheer dedication and hard work, Shyam managed to win the competition with an injured leg leaving behind all the best performers. This was one of the biggest achievements for Shyam who was trying to get into the reality show for years but couldn’t get through until 2018 where he bagged the first place and won the best dancer title.

Later, in 2019 Shyam with his fellow creators performed at Ultimate Pop show with Badshah Live in concert. The concert was witnessed by 33,000 people in Sardar Patel Stadium, Ahmedabad. In addition to his achievements, Shyam was also appreciated by Cama awards in 2019 as the most influencing personality of Gujarat.

Currently based in Ahmedabad, Shyam Sidhawat enjoys a huge fan base on social media which attracted various leading brands to collaborate with him for promotional activities. Shyam’s DBlond crew too is riding high on social media and has won a silver button from YouTube already.

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