SIP Calculator: Here’s how ₹1000 monthly investment can become ₹10 Lakhs

A Systematic Investment Plan or SIP is a great option to start your mutual fund journey, as you can deposit a fixed sum in a scheme of your choice for a specific tenor. Instead of investing a lump sum amount, you can deposit a minimum amount starting from ₹100.

Using a SIP calculator helps you determine the potential returns you stand to earn when you invest through the SIP route. You can use this tool with ease on the Bajaj Markets: EMI Calculator App and invest according to your needs.

Read on to learn how to plan and reach your goals using the calculator.

How Does a SIP Calculator Work

While the tool gives accurate estimates of your returns instantly, it also helps you zero in on the right investment terms based on your objectives. You can quickly assess the timeline and SIP monthly investment amount using the calculator.

The returns as per the SIP calculator depend on:

· The monthly investment amount

· The required investment amount

· The expected rate of return

· The investment duration

You have to freedom to change these parameters and compare various combinations to choose the best terms for your SIP. On the Bajaj Markets: EMI Calculator App, use the Compound Interest Calculator to get these results effortlessly and smart decisions.

How to Generate ₹10 Lakhs with a SIP Amount of ₹1,000

With a fixed investment amount and a specific financial goal in mind, you can even decide the timeline of your mutual fund plan. For instance, say you want to generate an amount of ₹10 Lakhs by investing ₹1,000 every month on a scheme with a growth rate of approximately 12%.

You can meet your investment goal with the following terms:

· Amount to generate: ₹10 Lakhs

· Monthly investment amount: ₹1,000

· Growth rate: 12%

· Investment duration: 20 years

Note that the growth rate varies from one mutual fund plan to another. So, check the rate of your specific fund before starting your SIP. Considering the aforementioned hypothetical example, after 20 years, your investment will generate a total value of ₹10 ,24,951.

Your total investment of ₹2,40,00 spread across a tenor of 20 years will help you maximise your returns and generate the required sum. This is all you need to do:

· Download the Bajaj Markets: EMI Calculator App on your device

· Log in by entering essential details

· Enter the OTP and navigate to the ‘Investment Calculator’ section

· Click on ‘Compound Interest Calculator’

· Enter the required terms, such as your monthly investment amount, the number of years you wish to stay invested in and the expected rate of return

· Click on ‘Calculate Now’

You will get the results within seconds in a visual format, helping you forecast your expected returns across a timeline. Remember, mutual fund returns are subject to market risks and can vary based on the market climate.

Benefits of Using a SIP Calculator

Here are some advantages of using this tool:

Eliminates Chances of Errors

This tool does not require you to manually calculate the expected returns using the formula, eliminating the hassle of complex calculations and the chances of inaccurate results.

Provides Results Instantly

Get the required results with just a few clicks on your smart device in no time. This saves you time and effort while planning your mutual fund investment.

Free of Cost Tool

You can use this free digital tool to compare different investment terms and choose the most suitable one.

As you can see, the user-friendly Bajaj Markets: EMI Calculator App can help you choose the right SIP terms that align well with your specific goals. Download the app from the Google Play Store or the App Store and start your investment journey today.



















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