Syed Mohammad Anas & His NGO Philoverphobia Are A Young Icon Known For His Social Work

Humanity is the best form of mercy. A good person always leaves traces of his good social work and temperament among other people. It is only through the presence of the person that positive comes out in other persons. When you start being able to feel the need to perform duty towards people on your own, you have defined your ability as well as others since that time. Such is the young Syed Mohammad Anas who is known through his NGO Philoverphobia.

Syed Mohammad Anas was born in Ghatkopar, Mumbai. After passing class 12th he graduated from Biotechnology, from bhavans college Andheri West.his humble spirit with the poor and children developed him into a kind person, social activities which are working for the upliftment of the poor in our society, he always inspired him is. That is why he helped many people with food and medicines for the poor even in lockdown when all the people were imprisoned in their homes.

Sayed Mohammad Anas
Sayed Mohammad Anas

Syed Mohammad Anas arrived to help those who were most in need at the time, when the whole country was reeling from sickness, unemployment, starvation, who were crying due to the large number of deaths. It was one of those ideal times to show humanity to the needy people, and they fulfilled their dream. The youth of our country can change the world if they want. Therefore, when the youth like Syed Mohammad Anas decide to engage in the social work, the atmosphere of the situation itself changes. It is a miracle of the younger generation that at such a working age, this youth established his NGO Philoverphobia.

Moral courage is the greatest expression of humanity. Everyone is engaged in changing the world, but no one wants to change themselves. Syed Mohammad Anas showed the world that mentality is the thing that we need here most. The only meaning of life should be to serve humanity, and the simplest way to be happy is to do good for the people. You love the life of others, help those people by thinking of others’ problems as your problems, your own life will love you back, just like if you love people, then people will love you.

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