The Comprehensive Preparation Guide for Exam AZ-500: Microsoft Azure Security Engineer Associate

In the contemporary digital forum, security threats such as system downtime, loss of crucial data, and many additional issues are endangering all organizations globally. These issues have increased the demand for Microsoft Certified Azure Security Engineer Associate professionals to recognize and eradicate rapidly developing threats at an early stage.

To obtain the security engineer associate certification, candidates must pass the AZ-500 exam. Read on to get a list of steps to becoming an Azure security engineer.

Who is an Azure security engineer?

Azure security engineers are cybersecurity professionals who employ Azure to encrypt client data by accessing Microsoft’s Azure Security Center. Since these security engineers predominantly use Azure, they constantly focus on Azure-prioritized aspects of cybersecurity, such as;
Altering protection measures for varying workloads.
Reacting to highly complex cybersecurity invasions.
Quickly becoming conscious of all possible occurring attacks.

In addition, these engineers can also assist customers in safeguarding data by accumulating them in places other than Azure, using Azure’s Log Analytics, and storing them in the cloud or on particular devices.

Steps to become a certified Azure security engineer:

Before boarding the Azure training journey, you must consider clearing the following steps to qualify for the exam;

Have a completed Bachelor’s degree-

The foundation for becoming an Azure security engineer is to acquire a bachelor’s degree. Also, it’s highly beneficial for candidates with their major in subjects such as computer science or information security, as the work of a security engineer requires high technological skills, like cloud computing and data processing.

Even schools offer small concentrations on fundamentals of cybersecurity in their computer science programs to help candidates in their Azure course or to just engage them further in making a decision that’s right for them.

Build cyber security skills-

After acquiring a bachelor’s degree, candidates must build their cloud computing and information security skills to benefit from their Azure training at a later stage. For instance, a robust foundation in concepts such as implementing security controls and managing computer infrastructures helps in further development while practicing Azure independently or referring to the training modules. Also, being a highly technical job duty, it is essential to perform the tasks that the job requires as crucial.

Take up the Azure Engineer certification-

After building cloud computing and information security skills, candidates are eligible to take the Azure certification exam. Upon successful completion with a passing grade, every candidate gets verified as an expert in protecting data with security systems on Azure and using Azure controls. You can also consider taking
AZ-500 certification training from a reputed institute. The exam evaluates candidates’ proficiency and cybersecurity skills in using Azure.

Submit your application as an Azure security engineer-

As soon as your Azure course is completed, candidates can apply for an Azure security engineer job profile and are ready to work in any work environment or business that uses technology to protect their data.

However, some well-known places to build a career as a security engineer are the information technology departments and technological companies or businesses. Just job search websites to find vacancies by job title and location to kickstart your career.

AZ 500 exam prerequisites and exam details

Before attempting the Azure Security Technologies exam, ensure to complete one of the exams below beforehand to gain adequate exposure to Azure offerings and services:
Azure Administrator Associate: AZ 104
Azure Developer Associate: AZ 204

Now coming to the exam details, the test consists of 40-60 multiple-choice questions one must complete within 150 to 180 minutes paying a nominal exam fee. Sometimes the exam pattern can vary in the following ways;
One case study with multiple questions, including two choices and drag-and-drop items.
Multiple-choice questions.
Questions having diagrams.
Single-choice questions that allow answering once without getting skipped or reviewed. Another type can be; True/False or Yes/No.
Position in the correct sequence.

Topics to cover for the exam and the skills measured:

Since the Azure certification involves a lot of topics to cover to match the high expectations of the exam, here is a list of Azure offerings and services candidates can focus on and give due diligence while preparing;

Azure Policy
Azure Security Center
Azure Service Endpoints vs. Private Links
Azure PIM
Azure AD Connect and Hybrid Configuration
Azure Conditional Access and MFA
Managed and User Assigned Identity
RBAC and Custom Roles
Azure Sentinel and Logic App Designer for alerts


Before appearing for the exam, taking an AZ-500 practice test is a great way to ensure the best results regardless of how you prepare for the exam—in addition, getting a good night’s sleep and dining a healthy breakfast before the exam benefits in unexpected ways.

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