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Tourists delighted as Junabai, 3 cubs seen safely

There was a fierce fight between Junabai and Male Bagh Tala (T-103), Who wanted to have sex with that tigress.

Nagpur: On Tuesday TATR officials heaved a sigh of relief. When Junabai (T45), the chief tigress of Madnapur-Belara in Kolara buffer, has been spotted with her three cubs after a gap of about 15 days. After the fourth cub is deserted, it is highly feared that he will die.

tourists delighted

There was a fierce fight between Junabai and Male Bagh Tala (T-103), Who wanted to have sex with that tigress. However, Junabai already had four cubs, about three months old, from another male, Matkasur, long ago. And he too had taken the lock out of the area completely. She had also gone to another reservoir about 3 km away from that place, Where there was a fierce fight with the cubs.

Only one cub was released after the ruckus that broke out between Tala and Junabai on the date of March 21. It was seen by tourists on the date of 27 March near the same place. The most surprising thing is that she lived without her mother for about seven days.

Deputy Conservator of Forests (Buffer) G Guruprasad has said that this is absolutely natural and sometimes the mother tigress leaves the weak cubs. And also focuses heavily on strong cubs that have a much higher chance of survival. He had also kept an eye on this abandoned cub, but the mother did not take him with him at all. He is also afraid that the fourth cub is no more.

Tigresses usually leave their cubs

Guruprasad has further said that he is very happy to know that the tigress has been seen with her three cubs. Similar things are quite common in Tadoba and its buffer area, Where the density of tigers is very high. Earlier also, Maya and Madhu tigresses had shown similar behavior to drive away from this dominant male tiger.

However, Raj Krishnani, a lover of wildlife, who was one of the people who saw Junabai and the three cubs on Tuesday, said that this is a very natural phenomenon and the tigress must have gone to any safe place inside the forest to get rid of the lock.

Along with this, naturalist Himanshu Bagde says that a fairly general rule is that tigresses usually leave their cubs between about 17-24 months when they are able to take care of themselves. The Pandharpauni tigress Maya had sex with dominant males on several occasions in order to completely protect her own sub-adult cubs.

Nikhil Abhyankar also says that, From a tourism point of view, this is very encouraging news. The disappearance of Junabai and the cubs had left some of the guides and drivers depressed. It also reflects the very common belief that a tigress mother is so protective of her cubs. Junabai chased Tala for the second time to save her cubs.

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