Umar Riaz: New Captain of BB 15

Bigg Boss 15: Meet the new captain of the house

Bigg Boss 15: let’s Meet the new captain of the house. The significant feature of this current week in Bigg Boss 15 was Umar Riaz and Simba Nagpal’s actual battle. Mumbai: Bigg Boss 15 challengers are investigating every possibility to win the errands and get by in the house. In the previous scene, we saw the housemates battling to save themselves from the designations, and in another errand, they combat it out to turn into the following chief of the BB 15. As indicated by an insider source, Umar Riaz has won the errand and turned into the new chief of the house. With this, he will likewise be saved from the designations for the following week as different contenders can’t choose him for ousting.

The significant feature of this current week was Umar Riaz and Simba Nagpal’s actual battle. Simba was seen driving Umar into the pool. Umar likewise blamed Simba for calling him a ‘fear monger’. A few superstars including Umar’s sibling Asim Riaz communicated disappointment over Simba’s activities and requested that the creators oust him. In the meantime, the contenders who got designated during the current week’s end are Simba Nagpal, Nishant Bhat, and Miesha Iyer. Presently, it will be fascinating to perceive how the game goes on this week under Umar Riaz’s captaincy.

Umar Riaz acquires support after being called ‘aatankwadi’ and targeted for being Asim’s sibling. Bigg Boss 15 challenger Umar Riaz’s venture so far has not been a simple one. He has continually been in the information for being assaulted by different challengers either for his calling or for being Asim’s sibling. Here is a gander at his most minimal lows on the show which has driven netizens to help him considerably more via online media.

Poop hit the fan after Simba pushed Umar viciously in the pool after their contention in a new scene. A few were appalled that it might have prompted a genuine physical issue had it not been for water. That is when watchers requested Simba’s ouster from the game and showered their help to Umar for being defrauded.

Directly at the start of the show, Umar had clarified that Asim didn’t suggest his name for the show dissimilar to what individuals are thinking. He told TOI, “After Asim showed up in Bigg Boss and acquired acclaim, I understood the capability of Bigg Boss and the notoriety one gets from it. Their group saw my work and the potential in me and moved toward me all alone to participate this year. Never did Asim or his group approach the Bigg Boss producers to take me in the show.” However, he was as yet disgraced by Simba for being less famous than his sibling.

During one of the ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ scenes of the show, a few fans were left bombshell after Salman Khan hammered Simba for being rough in the house. Salman advised him that he is an expert specialist and should act in like manner. In a similar scene, the Bollywood entertainer lauded Simba, who had rather taunted Umar for utilizing his sibling’s name for acclaim. Fans showered support for Umar and called the show ‘one-sided’.

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