Vandankumar Bhadani established Trishul News- a factchecking Gujarati web portal and news portal

Started in 2017, Trishul News is a fact check and current affairs sharing news portal. Trishul News currently has millions of fans on different social media platforms, they have over 500 k followers on Facebook, around 11.9k fans on Instagram and over 19k App downloads in play store.

Trishul News is leading gujarati factcheck and news sharing portal in India. Their content is consumed by millions every month. Currently they are only social-media based portal but Founder Vandankumar Bhadani plans to launch their own app to reduce dependency on Godi media channels’ fake news. When Trishul News was started, there was not a single Fact checking curating platform in Gujarati Language. Vandankumar Bhadani says, “Most of the media companies and digital marketers focused only on elite English or hindi reading audience, but I was always interested in finding the untapped truths, so I decided to start one for Gujarati reading audience.”

While sharing their strategy Vandankumar Bhadani said, “We’ve always been prompt in creating content, whenever there is a buzz, we have to research, create and share the content in next 30 minutes. Whenever we have shared a content within 30 minutes of its first report, we have seen 3 times better response. Many a times I have to personally go to office late night to create posts, this is the career I chose, and I love it.”

Running a facts and current affairs news curating brand is really difficult, neither you can make it up, nor you can spread it without a reliable source. has gained their first 1 lac fans in less than 3 months. They have currently collaborated with many platforms like Google, facebook, youtube, MGID, Taboola etc for monetisation. Trishul News has started their dedicated Photo-based social media account “Trishul News Media” and they are soon going to shift their main focus from photographic content to videographic by 2021. Trishul News is also going to launch their own Photo app where user can find facts and currents affairs in a proper categorised way.

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