This model/actor from Bangladesh is touching heights of popularity on social media and we can’t keep calm 

Whatever the human mind can perceive or believe, it can achieve.

Success has different definitions for different individuals, for some getting recognition is success, for others getting attention and generating their dream revenue can be the meaning of success, but there are some for whom working everyday towards their passion, without worrying much about the end result is success, and legend has it, that the latter gets success in the most uncertain way.

Tohidul Alam Khan
Tohidul Alam Khan

 Tohidul Alam Khan, is one such dreamer, whose dream was to be recognised amongst wider audiences for his acting, hailing from the Papua -Sonaimuri, Noakhali, region in Bangladesh, he moved out to New York in search of better opportunities and self learnt his way to dreaming and achieving big in life.

 A believer of the above mentioned quote, he was drawn towards his passion of enchanting his viewers by his fun and mesmerising actions and expressions, all his efforts bore fruit when he started putting videos on the global video sharing platform- Tiktok.

 His videos are today admired by millions and his following on various social media platforms have crossed the benchmark of thousands, his secret sauce to this skyrocketing success- “Have faith in the process, and continue to follow your passion no matter what, things might be uncertain, but nothing is impossible if you try one more time”.

 Undoubtedly, his talent and the complementary looks have given a boost to his followers base, his unique style of making videos which appeal to the millennials has definitely aided him reach to the trending segment on Tiktok, assessing his perseverance and dedication, his future endeavours look all the more exciting and he is passionate towards living his dream life.

 We are grooving to the quirky videos of Tohidul, are you? Click to see some of the most loved content on his social media –


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