Danny Dhillon Makes India Proud Even Though He’s Miles Away: A True Artist

Gagandeep Singh also in known as Danny Dhillon firmly believes is life is all about taking risks. This is well thought out by him and he does not say it just for the sake of it. He himself has applied it in his life and continues to live by this saying.

Gagandeep Singh
Gagandeep Singh

Danny Dhillon is currently living in New York. However, he was born right here in India and also grew up and spent a huge part of his childhood in India. He was born on 11th January of 1991 in the Kalanour area of Gurdaspur. This shows us that he is quite a young artist, as compared to the other rising ones over internet. He then went forward to complete his basic education from Chandigarh and also completed his graduation course from Chitkara University, that too in Chandigarh itself. We can derive from here that he was brought up in the city of Chandigarh for the most part of his life. Though he lives in New York now, his heart is always back home in India.

Danny Dhillon or Gagandeep Singh has a lot of interests. The most important and prevalent one being music. Apart from this, he also enjoys travelling, going to the gym, and so much more. However, music remains to be the field of his expertise. He has also created some wonderful tunes! Moreover, he has his own record label. Punjabi Artist Satinder Satraj is his all time favorite.

Danny Dhillon, however modern his upbringing might have been, is very generous and kind in nature. This is what explains his goals in life are. Music being a priority, he is also very keen on creating an NGO which helps out people. This help can be in any form- in kind or in monetary terms. He wishes to help people out and be a reason for their happiness. The work that he does explains so much about him. He is a singer (a vocalist to be exact), engineer, aspiring social worker and also an entertainer. Every artist relates to being an entertained at some points in their life.

According to Gagandeep Singh, or Danny Dhillon, anything is achievable if we truly want it. Nothing can be deemed as impossible or undoable. With these words he continues to inspire millions and motivate them. That’s the true nature of a young artist, to grow and to help others grow. He actually considers what the fans have to say about him, constructive criticism is also accepted most of the time. Moreover, he has a unique way of inspiring the young masses and making them believe in themselves.

Music is one of the best way to reach people’s heart and Danny Dhillon has always been good with that part. His melodies are mesmerising and completely unique.

Here’s something right from his desk- “Take a sip of the positive tea and keep moving forward in life.”

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