Shivam Joshi – An Entrepreneur Who Went Beyond Education & Degree to Prove His Mettle

Entrepreneur at 18 & a Corporate Trainer at 19 – Shivam’s story will leave you in awe. He’s shown outstanding intelligibility in choosing and pursuing a career of his choice. His determinationto pursue his own path when students his age were attending 12 hours of non-stop coaching to crack IIT JEE, his logics & statistics were in place. At 17 he knew that out of about 12 lac students appearing for IIT JEE, approximately 10 thousand would crack it. While the first few thousands would get admission in colleges and courses of their choice, rest would settle for courses and colleges depending on availability of seats. Same will be the story of students who won’t crack IIT and take admission in sundry colleges and courses they never considered. Shivam knew at that young age that high pay package, high flying job, Ivy colleges can’t disillusion him. He knew what he wanted and this focus drove him to pave his own path and pursue his own dreams.

Shivam Joshi

In the phase of IIT JEE entrance exam Shivam continued in his programming domain and Innovations. In 2019, he won Mayor’s Innovation award for designing Road Traffic Controller; was ranked 5th in Indian Hackathon in 2019. Among his most coveted achievements is the Automated Parking Resolver that he developed, which was selected to be presented in Stanford International University, Thailand in September of 2019 and won him great praises and review. During this time he was also offered admission in University of Turin, Italy. He represented Maharashtra State in Faridabad Global Innovation (FGSI 2020)and stood 3rd. He is a winner of Kerala Hackathon 2020 for rural area development, and also Ambassador of IEEE Rising Starts Conference, USA.

Being a data whiz
having a strong hold on Python, AI, and Machine Learning algorithms, Shivam built Codons Technologies Pvt. Ltd. from the ground up. Codons has trained thousands of students and employees of corporate for Python ML; Codon Technologies is into mentoring and guiding aspiring data scientists; devises and imparts training to employees of the corporate. Codons Technologies provides training to corporateemployee’s viz. L&T, Wipro, IBM, TCS, and HCL etc. The company takes initiatives in inspiring and teaching people with their Intense Boot camps on Data Scientist, Data Analytics, and various specialization program that leads to trending skills of the 21st Century.

Since he began working with people he have learned one of the important lesson which he want to convey to youths that, “Interest and dedication towards your work is the important aspect of growth” No matter what you have studied, from which university, whatever rank you may have achieved if you do not have the spirit, interest and guts of implementation you cannot take off.

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