Best EXAMPLE of Professional Social Worker RAHUL AHUJA

During these testing times worldwide, many social workers and organisations have selflessly worked to help people and save lives.
They have shown us that no matter what era we live in, until there are individuals who dedicate their time and efforts to bettering other people’s lives, kindness will never go away. One of India’s young minds who has decided to devote himself towards social work is Rahul Ahuja also known as eatsindia ( food and travel influencer ) from Delhi.


Rahul Ahuja is a 30-year-old social worker working day and night to help underprivileged people. He did his graduation and post-graduation at Amity University in Noida in Social Work Discipline (MSW and BSW). Where he was awarded with the most prestigious award – Shri Baljit Shastri Award for the best in human and traditional values.

His parents always taught him that helping others is good manners, and one must do that without expecting anything in return. Their words left a lasting impact on his mind, and he made sure that no matter where he is, he never leaves an opportunity to put a smile on at least one person around.

About his interest in social work and future plans, Rahul Ahuja says, “I love helping others. I’m just helping someone in a small way, but we never know what it means to them. The last few months have encouraged me to keep going on. I want the world to be a better place. One day, I hope that I will be able to reach to every city, town and village in every part of the country. I really hope more youngsters like me contribute in some way to put a smile on others’ face.”

He was recently also awarded with the POSHAN SAMAAN AWARD at the national conference for promoting nutrition, health and hygiene at the grassroots.

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