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7 new covid-19 cases were reported from 11 districts in Vidarbha on Monday

Nagpur district has reported 5 while Washim and Akola have reported one each. Not a single new case was found in the remaining 8 districts.

Nagpur: On the first day of this festive month of November, 7 new covid-19 cases have been found from 11 districts in Vidarbha in the last 24 hours. Nagpur district has reported 5 while Washim and Akola have reported one each. Not a single new case was found in the remaining 8 districts.

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The graph of coronavirus has been made on the baseline in this entire area, especially in rural areas. On Monday, 11 coronavirus patients have been absolutely right. More accurate and fewer new coronavirus cases have brought the number of patients under re-treatment (active cases) to about 93 once. Which is very less since the first coronavirus wave of last year.

Since the date of 31st October was Sunday. So there was a fall in the number of covid-19 testing in every single district. Out of 2,143 COVID-19 tests conducted in the last 24 hours, only 0.30% have tested positive for COVID-19. Apart from Nagpur (34), there are not more than 20 covid-19 patients under treatment in many other districts of the region. In the Chandrapur district, 5 patients have been completely cured on Monday. Due to which the number of ‘active cases’ has come down to 16.

Of the 1,282 covid-19 tests tested in Nagpur district, 4 out of 5 patients were from Nagpur city. While 1 is from another state. 4 covid-19 patients have been cured in this city. Now 34 covid-19 patients are undergoing treatment in this district. Out of which 24 patients are in NMC limits, 8 in Nagpur rural areas while 2 patients are from other states/districts.

Wardha: No report of covid-19 tests have been received in this district in the last 24 hours. Caseload remained unchanged at 49,407, recovery at 48,071, and toll at 1,326. 6 covid-19 patients are currently undergoing treatment.

Chandrapur: The number of active cases in this district has gone up to 16 as Chandrapur has recorded 0 detections against 5 seizures on Monday. There was no death in a single district.

Yavatmal: The death toll of covid-19 in this district has remained unchanged at 1,787. Treatment of 5 covid-19 patients is still going on. Till date, out of 72,909 covid-19 patients in this district, 71,117 have been cured including 2 on Monday.

Amaravati: Not a single new case of covid-19 has been found, no recovery and no death in the district have ensured that the number of active covid-19 cases remains at just 7.

Bhandara: In the last 24 hours, the status of 0 covid-19 cases has remained intact. Only 19 coronavirus tests were done. 3 coronavirus patients are under treatment.

Gondia: Not a single new coronavirus case has been found in the district for 6 consecutive days. Whereas 46 coronavirus tests have been conducted in the last 24 hours. There is no active case of coronavirus since last 6 days.

Gadchiroli: All 135 coronavirus tests conducted in the last 24 hours in this district have come back negative and no patient has recovered. Currently 2 coronavirus patients are undergoing treatment.

Akola: Out of 133 coronavirus tests in this district, 1 has come positive. The number of coronavirus patients treated in the district has reached 10.

Washim: 1 new covid-19 patient has been detected in this district on Monday. Currently, 3 covid-19 patients are being treated in the district.

Buldhana: In the last 24 hours only 26 covid-19 tests have been done. All the tests have come negative. Which is the 20th time in the last 4 weeks. While 1 covid-19 patient has been cured. Presently 7 covid-19 patients are undergoing treatment.

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