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Stingy serial thief saved booty for bail

Sanjog Holey was arrested on 29 October this year, was also a complicated case as a juvenile delinquent.

Nagpur: Sanjog Holey a 21-year-old alleged thief, registered in more than 2 dozen cases including murder, has ensured that he did not snatch the entire robbery at all, But he is caught, save several portions to cover the legal cost of securing bail.

stingy serial thief

Sanjog Holey, who was arrested on the date of 29 October this year, was also a complicated case as a juvenile delinquent. Sources in the department have said that after becoming an adult, Sanjog Holey has become even more difficult for the police. After several attempts, the Tehsil police team trapped Sanjog Holey in the community toilet in the early morning hours.

Even many years ago, in addition to 1 murder under the jurisdiction of Lakadganj police station, Sanjog Holey was involved in many frequent crimes of stealing vehicles, etc.

Recovered 4 Stolen Vehicles & Many Valuables

The police have said that Sanjog Holey was sheltered by the leader of 1 gang named Satish Gaur. This is because he lost his father very early. Gaur then allegedly made him well dressed as a criminal. And he is also known for taking a very large portion of his stolen booty. In return, Gaur also ensured that by arranging lawyers, paying bond sureties. Sanjog was arrested for incurring other legal expenses.

Senior Inspector of Tehsil Police Station named Jayesh Bhandarkar has said that Sanjog Holey 1 was completely successful in escaping due to action. At that time the rest of the gang members were arrested from near Pehalwan Baba Dargah for making preparations for the robbery.

Senior inspector Jayesh has said that we have detected about 8 crimes. In which 4 vehicle thefts, and the rest of the thefts, also include theft. He had left the 1 doctor’s clinic with a bag of cash and other valuables as well.

Adding to his team of Kishor Garware, head constable Laxman Shende, Sachin Sawarkar, assistant PI Sandip Bagul, under sub-inspectors Swapnil Wagh, and others had Caught the Sanjog Holey.

Jayesh has also said that after custodial interrogation, we have also recovered 4 stolen vehicles and many valuables from him.

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