Abhishek Salvi’s Digital Paintings make way to Calendar 2022, unveiled by Cabinet Minister Aditya Thackery

Abhishek Salvi is a Digital Artist and an Illustrator from Gujarat, who found his love for portrait art for the first time when he was still in school. He was then 16 years old and very determined to do something big for himself.

“Money does matter, but not if it comes from family, you need to stand up for yourself and by yourself,” says Abhishek adding, “I was not lucky enough to get any support from my family since I was a teen after my father passed away it was only my love for my art that I had.” Abhishek never finished college as he had responsibilities that he could only take care of if he earned enough. And so he did.

Aditya Thackeray (cabinet minister) , Kishori Pednekar (mayor) and Rahul Kanal
Aditya Thackeray (cabinet minister) , Kishori Pednekar (mayor) and Rahul Kanal

His career started when he was in 3rd year of his college, and he displayed his pencil portrait art for the first time in a college fest. He then knew people loved his work. “And that was when I decided I wanted my artworks to reach a height,” says Abhishek.
Exploring for a couple of years, he started making digital illustrations and gradually shifted to realistic digital paintings.
More and more of his clients started liking his way of digital paintings when his work was liked and praised by the “I Love Mumbai” foundation and the president Rahul N. Kanal.

2021 made a big hit for him when along with the foundation Abhishek planned a project to launch a “Calendar 2022” “Recreating Memories of Honourable Balasaheb Thackeray” on his birth anniversary, which were distributed all over Maharashtra by the foundation. “This project came to be the biggest step for me,” says Abhishek. “It was a project where I had to restore the old photographs and memories of Balasaheb Thackreyji,” he adds. The Calendar was unveiled in January 2022, by the Cabinet Minister of Maharashtra, Aditya Thackreyji, the Mayor, Kishori Pednekarji and the president of I Love Mumbai Foundation, Rahul Kanalji.

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