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Angry woman attacked acid in vinoba bhave nagar

The police have said that the victim's mother had made these remarks during an earlier dispute with the accused woman.

Nagpur: A woman was allegedly attacked with acid in Vinoba Bhave Nagar on Sunday after comments were made about her looks. In which a mother and her two-and-a-half-year-old son have been injured.

angry woman attacked acid

The police have said that the victim’s mother had made these remarks during an earlier dispute with the accused woman.

The police have also said that the accused woman was also involved in the acid attack along with her minor cousin. The minor girl was driving the two-wheeler while the accused was riding on the back seat when he threw acid on the victims. The elder cousin was arrested on Monday while the police would take a decision on the minor on Tuesday. The court has sent the accused woman to the custody of Yashodhara Nagar police till December 8.

The police have also told that both women had a dispute earlier regarding the victim’s husband. Sources have also told that the victim’s husband had a crush on the accused before marriage. But his offer was rejected entirely by the accused. After the marriage, there was talk again between the woman’s husband and the accused.

Police have said that after analyzing the call details

It is also learned that the accused had also told the victim about the husband’s premarital proposal to her. However, the victim, while insulting the accused, has also said that why would her husband take a lot of interest in a woman who is less beautiful than her. In enmity, the accused carried out the acid attack on Sunday.

Following the attack, the mother-son duo has been taken to the Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH). There have been injuries around the eyes of the young man. The victim’s mother claimed that she had received a call from an unknown person who promised to provide proof of her husband’s extramarital affair. And as she stepped out to meet the caller, two burqa-clad women along with her son threw acid on her.

The police have said that after analyzing the call details of the acid attack victim’s mother, the elder cousin has been arrested. The elder cousin once even used a relative’s cell phone to threaten the mother, which helped the police to reach her.

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