Arhaan Khan reveals his relationship with Rashami Desai, Confessed His Feelings

Arhaan Khan and Rashmi Desai were best friends before Bigg Boss 13. Many routers also came that they were in a relationship but they both denied. Arhaan Khan, however, returned to Bigg Boss 13 in the last episode to give support to Rashmi Desai. Few times even Rashami Desai had also commented that she feels comfortable with

Arhaan Khan but she is confused about their relationship. Arhaan was evicted within 15 days of his coming to the show. He was very upset when this happened.

Arhaan Khan also told in an interview that he wanted to re-enter in the show and confess to Rashmi that he loves him.

Well, this exactly happens in the recent promo of Bigg Boss 13. Arhaan Khan seems to be entering in the house and talking to Rashami.

Bigg Boss gives a task to house-members. In this task, Bigg Boss has told the contestants that time to time some persons will be coming in the house and trying to communicate with them but they (Contestants) had to ignore them.

Arhaan comes in the house and meets with the contestants of Bigg Boss 13.

Arhaan trying to communicate with Rashami Desai confesses his love to her but, she continuously keeps ignoring him. Arhaan gives him a ring and confesses his love to her. After that Arhaan took an exit from this house.

Aarti Singh congratulates her and gives a tight hug to Rashmi. Rashmi looks like she is very happy and accepts the proposal of Arhaan Khan.

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