Bigg Boss 14: Pavitra breaks down on Weekend Ka Vaar, feels misunderstood

Pavitra and Nikki successfully won the immunity task and secure their places in the house for another week. Despite both of them performing incredibly in their tasks, the seniors chose Nikki to join them and share the position of the ‘toofani seniors’. Nikki will be entitled to powers and privileges and powers that the three seniors possess. Pavitra was not very happy with the announcement. She questioned the decision and expressed her discontent. To which Hina answered how they both performed great and Nikki was just “better”. Pavitra kept her calm and did not further interject.

Later in the episode, Salman Khan came up with a game where he orated a few statements that were said about the seniors behind their backs by the freshers. More than the statements itself, it was interesting to see the guesses that they made. They called out Pavitra’s name a few times. This really went off for Pavitra because she admitted how she has never said anything about the seniors behind their backs. She couldn’t take the accusation by them and breaks down in front of everyone.

The seniors pacify her and confess how they do not have anything against her or any pre-notion and prejudice. They were just judging by the body language of the housemates. Salman Khan seemed to really have a fun time igniting the situation by constantly poking Pavitra. Later in the game, all the seniors appreciate Pavitra saying how she is a perfect fit for the show and they see a lot of potential in her. Pavitra seemed to be very relieved by this. However, they unanimously categorized Eijaz as someone who is making a fool of himself and needs to play better. Rubina was called out for being too calculative and rigid in her set of thoughts, whereas Nishant was called out for being the most “fake”. The episode was like an eye-opener for the contestants to see where they were going wrong and how their antics are not hidden from the public or the people in the house.

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