ARMS Record Label Unleashes Revolutionary Global Fusion: ‘BIHU RE’ Defies Frontiers with Assamese Folk and Bollywood Extravaganza

In an epochal leap, AR Music Studios, colloquially known as ARMS Record Label hailing from the bustling metropolis of Mumbai, India, is on the brink of transforming the music landscape with its latest opus, ‘BIHU RE.’ This transcendental composition not only signifies a confluence of Semi-Assamese Folk and Bollywood but also heralds an unparalleled international synergy that pledges to enrapture a global audience.

Guiding the helm of this melodic magnum opus is none other than the venerable recipient of the Dadasaheb Phalke Award, RANI HAZARIKA, whose beguiling vocals spearhead the endeavor. The nomenclature, ‘BIHU RE,’ throbs with dynamism, ensuring an auditory expedition that melds the intricate cultural fabric of Assamese folk with the allure of Bollywood.

Distinguishing this venture is the visual spectacle intertwined with the musical composition. Captured against the resplendent backdrop of Dubai’s thoroughfares, the music video morphs into a visual extravaganza bedecked with sumptuous paraphernalia. Infusing an international zest are the rhythmic choreographies of Russian dancers, seamlessly harmonizing with the cadence of both BIHU and Bollywood.

AR Music Studios, the prime mover of this pioneering endeavor (explore, has co-crafted ‘BIHU RE’ in collaboration with Jaan Nissar Lone ( and Ranjana Baruah from KAÉMAT COMICS ( This partnership transcends mere musical exploration; it unfurls as an epic narrative of propelling Assamese folk onto the global stage through the unifying dialect of Bollywood.

As the global stage eagerly awaits the unveiling of ‘BIHU RE,’ it emerges as a testament to the potency of music in surmounting borders, cultures, and musical genres. Brace yourself for an unprecedented melodic voyage, as AR Music Studios disseminates the essence of Assamese folk worldwide, crafting harmonies that reverberate across continents.

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