Arti Singh’s Unexpected Revelations- Karan Singh Grover is my best friend!

Arti Singh has been a remarkable face in Bigg Boss due to several factors. Right from her brother being a part of the show’s earlier version to getting teamed in several controversies and claims, she has been a famed face on the show.

However, very recently, she revealed her friendship with the famous movie actor Karan Singh Grover. Arti Singh and Tehseen Poonawala while in a conversation took the name of Karan Singh Grover; she jumped in making a big statement. Earlier, Tehseen mentioned, “Maine usse (Karan Singh Grover) ko Dekha, Aacha hai bahut”. Soon after this statement, Arti Singh started getting emotional and even said Tehseen that Karan is her best friend.

Arti stated, “Yaar I really miss him. Kya Banda haiyaar, Mere hisaab see aisa insaan milnaa bout muskil hai.

According to my opinion, he is the best human being I have ever met. Bande ka Kya sense of humor hai who ladka Kya ladka hai yaar. Bahut acha ladka hai yaar”.

Arti Singh further kept getting even more emotional and rolled on the conversation, saying, “I really miss him yaar, Maine uska number ‘Mere jigar ka tukda’ Naam see save Kiya hai”

Arti also said that she had his jacket given by him (Karan Singh Grover). Arti further added, “Mere pass us Ek jacket Bhihai use Kaha the ki jab bhi tensed feel Karna isse peahen Lena Meri positive vibes hamesha tumhare saath range”.

Arti seemed very happy hearing that his best friend is watching Bigg Boss 13 and leads a very healthy life.
Their conversation goes along and after that Arti becomes fully emotional. Tehseen Poonawala then asked her to calm down as her friend did not want to see her like this.

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