Ashish Sukralia: Flying High in the Digital Marketing Domain with his Competitive Edge

Digital Marketing is booming in the modern-day market. Many traditional marketers have upgraded themselves to sustain in this competitive world. The popularity of the internet and social media have paved new ways of marketing and surviving in this tough world. One such name is Ashish Sukralia, a 21 years old dynamic young man from North India. He is a self-made man when it comes to his ventures in this digital media world. He gave up all the traditional paths to hear his inner voice to become successful in his unconventional career.

Swimming Against the Tide

Ashish Sukralia has been an average student in his school and Junior College. His parents sent him to Kota for IIT Entrance preparation. However, after reaching the said destination, he felt it was not his cup of tea. As he was fond of subjects like ethical hacking, he returned to it as it has been a passion. But he was not sure how to move in this direction until he met his friend who showed him the path. It was all about swimming against the tide as he was pursuing something unusual, which kids of his age barely do. He came up with a page on ethical hacking on Instagram.

Instagram – A Great Teacher

When he started his page on ethical hacking on Instagram, his knowledge about the subject was very raw. But Instagram was his teacher as it taught him many things. Soon People coming in touch with his page started asking him different questions about this subject. This gave him the chance to explore hacking at length. He started handling questions posed to him by getting deeper into the subject. He was able to create a decent buzz around his page thus growing the number of fans and followers for the same. This made him earn handsome money as well.

Exploring New Avenues

With time, he understood that this will not suffice for his career. He then started learning and exploring different things like SEO, digital marketing, app, and web development. This attracted a new set of work and clients giving him opportunities to work on various web and application development projects. He got an edge on different technologies to keep options open for different directions. At this juncture, he designed and developed social media tools for free and uploaded them on the web which includes Linkrr.

Losing and Gaining

As they say, life is a game where you lose some at one point in time and gain on the other. He lost his Instagram page made on hacking as the page got blocked. However, he was able to sustain with his other venture called Linkrr. It is an effective link manager solution for entrepreneurs and influencers. The response was huge and soon a huge amount of companies also started using his platform for different commercial purposes. His life has been a roller coaster ride and he made sure to move ahead with persistence and perseverance against all odds to emerge as a competitive entrepreneur in the tough market.

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