Bigg Boss 13: Rashami Desai Refutes Sleeping With Ex Boyfriend

Bigg Boss 13 has made a massive entry into the small screen TV. After a series of interesting promotions and grand premiers, the show has as usual started unveiling its wraps one after the other. Salman Khan along with his co-host Ameesha Patel and the 13 contestants have started off the sail though this controversial reality show.

Initially, Rashami Desai was known to be the highest paid actress for being a part of the show and now she is once again making to the headlines. As per the several changes made in this season of Bigg Boss, the beautiful actress mentioned a rule that Rashami had to sleep on the same bed with her ex-boyfriend Siddharth Shukla.

Sulking on the same, she simply denied the proposal that is not at all going to share the same bed with Shukla.

As soon as Siddharth entered the house, she came to know about this bed sharing thing and was furious mentioning the refute. As Shukla mentioned that this was the rule of the show and contestants had to follow the format, she got even sulkier.

On the other hand, there also emerged flows of disagreements between the other two contestants of Bigg Boss 13, Paras Chabra and Asim Riyaaz. Getting involved in a deep conversation, things reached the edges as Paras even mentioned that he would slap Asim. Things seem to be quite disruptive since the very beginning this time.
Ameesha Patel, the co-host even took a lead in explaining the rules of an interesting task for the candidates.

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