Bigg Boss 14 update: Eijaz wears Pavitra’s clothes for immunity task

In the last episode that aired on Tuesday, Bigg Boss announced that since Sara has already been eliminated, all the nominated members were now safe. This only means a new nomination list. Going by the process, Bigg Boss announced a new immunity task called the “farmland”. The members of the house were divided into two groups. Team A with Pavitra, Nishant, Eijaz, and Rahul and Team B consisted of Jasmin, Rubina, Abhinav Shukla, and Shehzad. The task is ought to last for two days.

Eijaz Khan wear Pavitra's clothe

In this two-day-long task, the contestants had to act as two neighbouring farms, pitted against each other. The seniors were appointed the rolls of the shopkeepers with farming materials. The members of the teams had to convince the seniors to give them the raw materials for their respective farms. The team that captures the maximum area of the garden and converts it into the farm would win the game. The members also had the permission to jeopardize the opponent’s farm occasionally, if they wanted to. Sidharth had the grass material, Gauhar hoarded mud and Hina owned the flowers. By now, only Gauhar’s and Sidhart’s shops were open. The members were later seen performing dances and antics in front of the seniors for the materials. Since Nikki was immune from the nominations, she was given the role of the “sanchaalak”.

Before the task began, Eijaz was seen convincing Nikki to favour his team. Nikki replied by saying “Jaan meri jaan hai” (Jaan is my life). She also went around advising the two teams how to play and on what basis she is going to judge the final outcomes. As the task began, the contestants enacted farmers, kids, animals and other comical characters. Eijaz wore Pavitra’s clothes, Abhinav wore Rubina’s. Jaan shaved off his beard and Jasmin did 50 squats. Rahul also beat himself in the head with two shoes to impress Gauhar.

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