Bigg Boss 14 update: Shocking twist by Salman Khan, Shehzad to stay ‘invisible’ in the house

This week instead of two “weekend ka vaar” episodes, Bigg Boss 14 telecasted one. The second episode with the host Salman Khan was shifted to Monday (“Somvaar ka vaar”). In the previous episode, Salman had announced the contestants who were in the bottom three. The contestants that were in the bottom three were Abhinav Shukla, Shehzad Deol, and Jaan Kumar Sanu. The elimination process was done by the inmates, who had to pick a name that would have to leave the show. The final decision was left to the “seniors” of the show – Hina Khan, Gauahar Khan, and Sidharth Shukla. Initially, Siddharth was reluctant to evict anyone as he thought the bottom three contestants were equally worthy.

Shehzad Bigg boss 14
Shehzad Bigg boss 14

After the first round of votes, Jaan and Abhinav had 4 people voting them out. After Eijaz very slyly voted Shehzad out, the decision was handed over to the seniors. Hina and Gauhar considered Jaan and Abhinav to deserving and said they should stay in the house. Sidharth however, refused to eliminate anyone at first. He thought everyone had the potential to stay and it would be unfair to eliminate anyone. But abiding by the instructions, he named Shehzad Deol. It this then when the game switched over. Shehzad who was safe all along had the maximum number of vote outs. However, a little twist was introduced by Salman Khan. He announced that no one would get evicted for the week. As far as Shehzad was concerned, he was given a white coverall with “gaayab” (invisible) imprinted on him. This suggested that Shehzad Deol will not be confirmed any time soon and will not be allowed to take part in any decision-making process until the next announcement.

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The news gave some relief to him but the air of uncertainty is still there. Later, Shehzad was seen discussing with Pavitra how Eijaz cannot be trusted as a friend. He said Eijaz can turn his back on them at any time as per his convenience.

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