Bigg Boss 15: Tejasswi Prakash orders BB to fetch luggage for her; Jay Bhanushali and the others pulls his leg

"You must proclaim our romance to the entire globe," she tells.

The Bigg Boss 15 mansion has indeed been split into two categories: the participants in the house and those in the garden. The garden contestants are known as the junglewasis, and they must be fed by the in-house companions. Bigg Boss had already taken away the contestants’ luggage in the first week. As a result, the contestants must forego their fashionable attire and makeup. Tejasswi Prakash has devised a new strategy to reclaim her luggage, and the other contestants appear to be enjoying her performance.

Tejasswi Prakash can be seen saying in the latest Bigg Boss promo that Bigg Boss is her bae. “You must proclaim our romance to the entire globe,” she tells. She continues, “Do you like seeing me in this condition?” Do one thing for us: return our clothing and makeup.” She makes a witty appearance and behaves as if Bigg Boss isn’t paying attention to her. She claims Baby is deafeningly deaf and doesn’t act upon her wishes.  To all this, Jay Bhanushali comments, “Bigboss se hota hi Nahi hai,” and Vidhi continues to add, “Sakht launda.” In the garden area, all the teammates can be seen giggling and enjoying this charade.

The initial episode featured the junglewasis and the BB housemates involving themselves in a huge brawl. Jay Bhanushali and Pratik Sehajpal got into a heated debate. Pratik was also seen disrupting the house property and furniture as a result of this. Today, Bigg Boss will announce that all of the junglewasis have been nominated for this week. The contestants’ reactions to the elimination declaration will be fascinating to watch.

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