Breaking: Bigg Boss announces a twist this week as there will be 3 captains instead of one

Tina Datta, who was eliminated in yesterday's episode, has got a chance to re-enter the show almost immediately.

The reality show Bigg Boss 16 has been keeping the viewers hooked to the show with its very interesting twists and turns. Along with the competition and drama the season is underway.

bigg boss announces

Tina Datta, who was eliminated in yesterday’s episode, has got a chance to re-enter the show almost immediately. When she was gone, he confronted Shalin for her behavior and for talking behind her back.

Now Bigg Boss has also announced the captaincy task but this week there will be a twist as there will be three captains instead of one. And we hear its Sumbul Touqeer, Tina Datta and Soundarya Sharma. Also in the latest episode, we also saw how the two new wild cards will turn ugly with Sreejita’s cooked food.

While, Vikas eats the food prepared by Sreejita, Archana jokes a lot and asks her to check it before eating as it might have insects or other dirty things in it. Vikas also asks this question to Sreejita and says “yaar me bimar toh nahi pad jaunga” and this leads to a huge fight between the two.

Sreejita also asks her not to question her cooking as she cooks everything very well. Archana keeps commenting on the same again and again. On the other hand, Vikas pounces on her and also says that it is about her health and she has to be very careful.

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