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CBSE Board to Allow the Calculator Use for special students

Calculators were never used in the high school earlier, but with the new diktat coming from the CBSE board, they would allow them in exams for special students. The board is allowing the students with dyscalculia the one who has difficulty in learning arithmetic calculations. Thus the board would allow the children with special needs category with calculators.

However, this facility will not come as a default facility for the students as they have to apply for the same. As per reports, the students falling into this category will have to apply for the same before 28th Jan 2020 in their school premises which will be forwarded to the regional office. The RO would then send the final approval by the 2nd of Feb directly to the school or exam centers allowing the students to use the same.

The principals and teachers of different schools in Nagpur have called this a welcome decision. Talking about the same one of the principal of Center Point Katol Road feels that this is an important decision and that she has been asking for the same for long. She feels that students of Junior college who deal with complex mathematical calculations end up wasting time in calculating manually, instead of allowing them with the machine would help them grow and make learning fast easy. The others also feel the same, which include the Principal of Jain International School as well who called this decision to be vital and fantastic. Stay tuned to know more about it and others only with us.

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