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Central Railways conduct crossing renewal for diamond crossing for Safe movement of trains

The safe movement of trains has been the priority of Central Railways and hence it ensures to take all the preventive measurements in the region to move the trains smoothly. In the recently conducted special renewal for diamond crossing in the city, the Central Railways have made sure that the safe movement of the train becomes smooth. As per reports, the improved design would help in offering easy and safe movements of trains with the diamond crossing.

What is more striking is the safe and simple movement of trains that come along with the diamond crossing. As trains from this point travel to all the four directions, hence the criss-cross movement of trains can make this place a bit difficult. The diamond crossing is often called as the two different diagonal scissors shaped crisscrossing point found in city station yard.

It has given Nagpur station and its area a unique identity for being the two such place in the world. As per reports, the improved diamond crossing was seen fabricated at Manmad Workshop by central railways. Now, we see it getting fitted with the galvanized bearing plates along with having the higher thickness, and with prefabricated check rails with the help of web fit blocks. As per reports, the CR officials now have removed the 4 nos of diamond crossing no 10 &11 along with the diamond crossing no 09 and 12 as well.

The CR carried out the work smoothly which was conducted by different departments of railways. Thanks to the meticulous planning and synchronized execution carried out by officials like Mr. Pankaj Dhawre, Sr. Divisional Engineer, Central, Central Railway and his team, things went smooth.

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