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Chandrashekhar slams MVA over OBC data, Vijay says ‘don’t mix issues’

Chandrashekhar has said that the issue of OBC political reservation was received by the Supreme Court on Wednesday.

Nagpur: Maharashtra Legislative Council Chandrashekhar Bawankule on Wednesday slammed the MVA government for “hiding OBC data” and “blaming the Center” for the same. The comments came after developments in the Supreme Court earlier in the day.

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Chandrashekhar has said that the issue of OBC political reservation was received by the Supreme Court on Wednesday. And the counsel for the state government said that some data has been provided to the OBC commission. Because of this, the Supreme Court has asked him to submit an interim report in about 15 days on the issue of reservation. The senior BJP leader has also questioned how Maha Vikas Aghadi has come into possession of the data so far.

Chandrashekhar has said that for the last almost two years, the government of Maha Vikas Aghadi has also been accusing the central government of not sharing the data on OBCs. Right now they say that the data is already available and also shared with the commission of OBCs. This lie has now been exposed.

Demand FIR against leader

Vijay Wadettiwar, a senior state cabinet minister and prominent OBC face, has been at the forefront of the community’s demand for political reservation. He rejected Chandrashekhar’s demand, saying “they are confused”.

Vijay has said that ‘the problem is that Chandrashekhar starts making rhetoric without understanding the issue in detail. The data is those that were collected by five different institutions like the Gokhale Institute and many others. This is only provisional data and there is absolutely nothing that has been collected through the census. The biggest purpose of this data was to show that they have a suitable case for reservation.

He said that Bharatiya Janata Party is showing its frustration by creating such controversy where there is no dispute of any kind. Vijay has said that nowadays you see that he has only one job. They are to demand FIR against this leader or that leader. He has become politically irrelevant and any issue is needed to remain in the public eye. They only want senior party leaders to study the subject in detail beforehand and then comment.

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