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City Mayor Inaugurated of the new waste collection system

We have been hearing about the updates on NMC renewing the current garbage collection system in our city. Now, we see that the city Mayor, Mayor Nanda at Bhandewadi has inaugurated the garbage collection system in the city. The others who were present at the occasion include the Standing committee Chairperson Pradeep Pohane along with the opposition leader Tanaji Vanway, the Commissioner Abhijit Bangar, and the Health Committee Chairman Narendra Kuchereja along with slew of other dignitaries.

Talking on the event, the lady mayor said that no waste would be thrown other than the allocated spots in the city. She added that the system could be new and completely mechanized vehicles are going to take care of the same, hence one has to understand and support to make the system working and successful. With having a new system in place, we would be able to isolate it with ease and thus similarly forward the processing.

She said that now the citizens of Nagpur have added responsibility and they should take care of the same. With the new system in place, the garbage collection centers have been reduced and that the processing centers would now have six additional units only. The participation of citizens would have the hygiene contribution that would go equally important, and the citizens should be able to dispose of the household waste in the right fashion for the new system to become successful. Stay tuned to know more about it and others only with us, till then you can remain connected with us by commenting below.

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