Curtis Weeks: An Influential Author With A Unique Outlook On Life

People have been putting their best of efforts into having a normal life as present situations worsen. It is absolutely alright to seek for help when you feel like your mental health has been deteriorating for quite some time now, people have started to actually embrace professional therapists who are capable of not only offering guidance but also providing with a different perspective on life, a rather positive one. Today we bring you a professional by the name of Curtis Weeks, who has been a mental performance coach for a very long time now, and has been performing professionally along with a number of individuals.

Curtis Weeks
Curtis Weeks

Influencing many lives in a positive manner and performing all the necessary tasks as a mental health coach, Curtis Weeks has managed to transform a lot of lives. Now you no longer have to worry about whether the guiding spirit you have chosen for your needs is going to actually benefit you or not, because Weeks promises to get this job done precisely. According to him, people usually do not show their full potential out of fear and insecurities, but as they are provided with a support, and a little boost, they are able to perform better in not just their work environment or individual environment, but also in the society that we live in. Since every person is built differently, they need different kind of help to face the various challenging situations in our everyday life. Curtis Weeks helps them to understand this better, and to come up with solutions yourself, so that you can also take care of yourself in times when a professional coach is not available.

Curtis Weeks is the author of the book called “From Why Me to Try Me”. In this book he writes about himself and his childhood. According to him he has written this book so that people can learn the lessons how he has overcome all the hurdles of his life and became a leader. Some of us in the society think that they are the only ones who are facing hard times; they believe themselves to be alone and are outcast or misfits. Curtis Weeks has dedicated this book to those children, youngsters and adults. He wants them to help themselves and create their own desired life. He says this is a mindset and we need to change this mind set. No one will help you unless you try to help yourself. These are the reasons behind his profession as a mental performance coach. Curtis Weeks has learnt all this in a hard way which can’t be forgotten but he desires to help others to learn from it. He says learn to relieve yourself from tension and advises to help you stay healthy. Curtis Weeks the author and the performance coach is always there to help you out mentally or physically.

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