As rightly said by Shankar Patel, “Success is an iceberg, where people only see your success and not the persistent dedication, hard work,  disappointments, failure, sacrifice and discipline.

Shankar patel, an emerging digital marketing specialist and social media handler states, that When we talk about the success or see the successful people around, we think they turned to the known stars overnight, but we forget to see and understand their continuous efforts, their struggling days and nights, their efforts, their positive attitude, their dedication and a feeling to turn every failure to success. Becoming a helping hand and hope for many from the crowd, itself a big achievement.  He was born in a famer’s family, on 11thJanuary, 2000 and is  professional passionate blogger, modeler and traveler. He was born to A Farmer Hari Ram Ji Patel and & house maker Mohini Devi. He completed his early education from Shanti Bal Niketan Lambra, Rajasthan. Shankar is a simple guy who fought many victorious battles in his life and also struggled against odds to fulfill all his dreams

Recalling his school days, Shankar said, ”when he went to higher secondary school, he saw everyone discussing about their future plans where some dreamt of becoming engineers, doctors and teachers and who thought of changing the world. That is when I questioned myself  that will I be able to become a successful member as I come from a very poor family where we had no money to invest in for education. Also, my English was so weak that I started underestimating myself. I am not ashamed in mentioning that I am the same person who was not able to understand the English language which was itself the big barrier in my success, it gave me so much headache. I never saw a computer in my school days. First time I saw computer during graduation in university. The computer was completely new for me and when I first opened it, I didn’t even know how to drag the mouse. It was embarrassing in front of classmates. Everybody declared me as a loser, but my inner self didn’t accept it and that is when I decided to turn my failure into a big success. That one thought and my passion to become successful changed everything for me. While preparing for my graduation I also started working on my digital marketing skills. Gradually I found a platform where I stood firm and worked hard to own my own Ajanta Multimedia Company.”

Shankar’s life was so much struggling and there was no mental and emotional support available to him and when it comes to technical, a long list of tasks was always there with no help but that was the life-changing opportunity for him and he take all challenges in a positive manner and start adapting himself as per the challenges. He worked for 17 hours daily which made his base strong and because of that work, today he capable to help many in field of digital marketing because he understands how it feels when person isn’t able to get a single ray of hope, when he actually wants it.  

Currently Shankar is working at a studio assistant at Utkarsh Educational institute and aims to achieve more using the same platform. Along with this, he is also manages social media platform of many dignitaries and celebrities. He also assures the security protocols of all the social media handles like, twitter, face book, Instagram and telegram.

For every struggler Shankar says that,” Your background doesn’t define your success, it is your zeal to achieve biger which defines your success”. Never ever underestimate yourself, just keep moving with a positive attitude and one day success would be at your doorstep. Keep pushing hard, until you achieve your desired goal.

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