Ravi Soni: Young Entrepreneur And PR Specialist from Jaipur

Ravi Soni, born and brought up in Jaipur, is currently residing in Bangalore. This young man is responsible for sunning PR Agencies as well as specialised FB advertisements. In fact, one of his favourite hobbies include watching movies and reading articles on successful people, Entrepreneurship, and so on.

Ravi Soni was not one of the common folks who shift directly to pursuing higher education just after the completion of their school. He had something else in mind, and this immediate plan would lead to great things. He was only 17 years old, in grade 11, when he indulged into the field of marketing. He began with Instagram for the first time, and provided his skills he soon gained more than 10k followers in a very less time. Ravi has very refined strategies for these things.

However, though Ravi was involved in the advertising and marketing industry, he managed to complete his higher education from Jaipur and then Bangalore. It was rather difficult for him to manage all of this at once but he had flawlessly balanced it. It got better when one of his friends introduced him to e commerce when he was 19 year old so that he could make specialised advertisement for Facebook. Ravi decided to improve as well as polish his skills during the pandemic. He almost touched all the milestones in dropshipping. Most importantly, he had to invest 10k into shared so that he could make more out of it. In fact, he has managed to pull off this skill too in shares, to understand and make money from them.

There are a lot of things that Ravi Soni likes about working in this field of career. The number one thing is that he has freedom to work without any one to tell him about how he should do it an when he should do it. He is not bound by deadlines and he also has the financial freedom to do it. He has actually achieved a lot in drop shipping and also Instagram leveraging. Being a digital marketer has been one of the best thing in his life, earning more than 500 clients comments that he has got because of his wonderful an accurate service. He does not really enjoy working for someone else’s company and instead prefers working for himself because then he is his own boss. Having a nine to five job is not really his cup of tea.

Ravi has planned a lot for his future and wants to become a very popular businessman one day, his target being to raise funds an invest in his work apart from earning profits.

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