Dr Ambrish Vijayakar: A Known face in Predictive Homeopathy Who has saved countess lives with effective treatment solution

Dr Ambrish Vijayakar
Dr Ambrish Vijayakar

Dr Ambrish Vijayakar is a Predictive Homeopathy practitioner and teacher of international repute. He is a force to reckon with in the modern homeopathic world. He started practising Predictive Homeopathy at a young age in the 2000s. It is a form of homeopathy created by his father, Prafull Vijayakar in the 1970s. Having understood the power of this science in reversing a disease instead of simply eliminating the symptoms, Dr Vijayakar is teaching the concept of homeopathy effectively. The potential and expertise in homeopathy he inherited from his father. Over the last 15 years, he has time and again proven homeopathy’s relevance in the modern age.

He has a globally practised in over 37 clinics. The visionary doctor is also actively guiding the new generation of aspiring homeopaths by mentoring them. His first training seminar was long back as a young intern in Punjab which was attended by 400 students. His first seminar was an incredible success which led to numerous such seminars and workshops in various Indian states including Punjab, Delhi, Kerala, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. Besides this, he also conducted seminars in countries like Brazil, Germany, and the USA.

Under his guidance, Predictive Homeopathy has reached new heights and he is constantly expanding its horizon on the global stage. Dr Vijayakar has been busting myths associated with homeopathy such as it being a slow method of treatment, and not being capable of treating chronic or acute diseases. Further, he has been making aspiring homeopaths familiar with the correct practices of this branch. Today, medical professors and aspirants are routinely in attendance during Dr Vijayakar’s seminars. He has personally trained a large team of assistant panel doctors spread throughout India and at times conducted multiple seminars.

He has not only been highly instrumental in expanding the scope of Predictive Homeopathy globally but also treated conditions like cancer and tumour through his homeopathic procedures, thus proving that homeopathy has the potential of curing deadly diseases as well. Several celebrities rely on Dr Vijayakar for their medical needs, and he believes things are on the upswing in the world of humanity. His vision is to make Predictive Homeopathy emerge as the first choice of treatment by mid-2020. The incredibly proficient homeopathy practitioner is also a very talented singer and has displayed his talent several times on stage over and has also won many honours for the same during his college years.

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