Educate yourself digitally as Nirmal Gehlot brings a revolution with Utkarsh Classes

Nirmal Gehlot
Nirmal Gehlot

Technology has brought a significant impact in almost every field today. For that matter, education is not an exception. Or is it the other way around? While many still believe in the traditional form of education, many educational institutions and classes have gone one step further by joining hands with the digitalized world. Mr Nirmal Gehlot, the founder of Utkarsh Classes in Jodhpur has integrated technology and education together opening doors for the smart education system. With this step, Gehlot has brought a wave of change and many edutech companies will opt for smart education in the coming years.

Nirmal Gehlot and his family founded Utkarsh Classes in 2002. During that time, it was an offline education system. The type of teaching taught there has been a pioneer in shaping up a student’s career. They are educated to prepare for various competitive and other government exams. This is one of a kind education institution where many students have successfully bagged private jobs under the coaching of Mr Gehlot. By providing the students with highly-experienced faculties and the latest technology mechanisms, Utkarsh Classes is one place where students can boost their career for a bright future. 

Besides this, Utkarsh Group commands a big market share of approximately 68% in competitive exam aspirants in Rajasthan. Upgrading as per the advancements and the latest market trends, it has seen a drastic growth in recent years. With smart classroom technology in 2015, Utkarsh Group started online education with smart practice sessions in 2016. The innovation continued with Utkarsh Studios in 2017 and in 2018, Utkarsh Classes got its own mobile app for all the registered students. To impart knowledge digitally, it also has its YouTube channel with more than 3.25 million subscribers.

With more than 300 online faculties, Utkarsh Classes is one educational institution which Nirmal Gehlot is running for almost two decades. “In the tough times of COVID-19 crisis, online education is working the best. We are proud that the faculty members at Utkarsh Classes are able to educate children virtually with simplified concepts”, said Mr Gehlot. Considered as one of the best online educational institutions, Utkarsh Classes has trained many students to prepare for different entrance exams. 

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