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First year MBBS 16 students, 12 cops set for discharge

The second wave of covid among all the clusters of persons who tested positive, all about 16 first year MBBS students and around 12 cops tested covid positive.

Nagpur: Contrary to what was seen in the second wave of covid among all the clusters of persons who tested positive, all about 16 first year MBBS students and around 12 cops tested covid positive are asymptomatic since date. In the first phase of the campaign, all these people were vaccinated against covid.

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(DMMC) Dean of Datta Meghe Medical College, Dr. Dilip Gode has said that all the students were kept in the Covid-19 hospital of the college. As a precaution and however none of them have been in the hospital since the day of September 6. No symptoms have developed at all.

The medical officer of the police hospital named Dr. Sandeep Shinde has said that all the infected policemen are doing very well. And all were shifted to the MLA Hostel COVID Care Center (CCC) as per all norms of the civic body.

Both Dr Sandeep and Dr Dileep have confirmed that no more close contacts of all the infected persons in the same series were found to be covid positive at all.

Dr Sandeep has said that 630 very high risk close contacts of 12 cops and around 1,600 employees of different police stations have been traced. And all of them were tested but none of them were found to be covid positive. Dr Sandeep has also said that, “Separate teams were formed to cover around 10 police stations and where around 33 police were deployed”.

MLA Hostel COVID Care Center incharge

MLA Hostel CCC incharge named Dr Varsha Deosthale has said that none of the covid patients who have been quarantined since the day of 25th August have tested positive after taking the second sample.

All the MBBS students started their isolation of about 14 days in the hospital inside the college on Sunday. Dr. Dileep has also said that once all the students are discharged. Classes will be resumed for individual teaching and more than 100 other first year students have been released.

The District Task Force member named Dr. Ravindra Sarnaik has said. That the situation can be seen in the context of what is happening in the US country. “Main thing is that Admission rate of all the patients without covid-19 vaccination in the America country is a very high. ICU beds are filled more than those who have not been vaccinated against covid. Police and MBBS students case are a big and strong indicator for all those people. Who are still not absolutely sure about taking the covid vaccine,” he said, adding that there is still a chance before the third wave of covid.

Apart from taking vaccination. Dr Ravindra also said that the decision of quarantine has helped a lot in controlling the spread. “It is a strategy to be followed. We quarantine those people and also make sure that they do not spread the infection to anyone else. And remain under observation.”

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