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Nagpur Police Cracks a Drishyam movie kind of case in city

When Drishyam Movie hit the screens, many felt that the concept of Perfect Murder is a reality. However, it is not, we often hear, Crime Never Pays and nothing in crime is perfect. In the real world, we do not see cases that remain unsolved for ages in real life. One such is the case of Nagpur Police cracking one disappearance of a young man from Nagpur called Pankaj who was killed in the Drishyam murder style.

A 27-year-old young man called Pankaj Giramkar was killed by his wife’s Paramour called Amarsingh Thakur is one of the Dhabas located at Nagpur Bhandara Road. As per reports, the young man Pankaj was a technician at one of the food companies in Nagpur and he used to stay close to Amarsingh’s Dhaba in rented accommodation. Thakur and Pankaj’s wife soon got close and on realizing this, the latter shifted with his family to Wardha. However, the two still maintained their relations.

On a fateful day on 28th December, Pankaj came to settle this issue and he was asked to settle down and later was killed with a conspiracy. Thakur with the help of his cook dumped his body in a drum and then asked on JCB service to dig 10 feet of trench as he has to construct his new kitchen with a bathroom. Later they dumped the body along with his bike as well and then covered with earth and soil.

Thakur asked the JCB again to fill the trench as he is facing some structural damage in his dhaba. Later, he had thrown the phone of Panjak at one of the trucks of Rajasthan as shown in the movie. Later when police came to inquire about Pankaj locating the cell phone location, they were misled by Thakur. Later police got a tip-off of a murder at the Dhaba and they took away the Dhaba owner and the cook who then spilled the beans on the case.

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