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Greenery doubly worried about twin flyover plans

According to him, about 5 to 6 heritage trees are also expected to come in the way of the 4-lane flyover.

Nagpur: On the Amaravati road Environmentalists have expressed concern over the damage caused by the construction of a twin flyover.

twin flyover

According to him, about 5 to 6 heritage trees are also expected to come in the way of the 4-lane flyover. Which will start from the bridge over the drain on Amravati road in front of RTO. And will get down before the traffic signal on the campus square of the university.

The National Highways Division of the Public Works Department (PWD) has reportedly submitted a proposal to the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) Department of Horticulture. Nagpur Municipal Corporation officials have said that we have asked them to submit a detailed plan report and the number of trees of those which are in dire need of cutting. And even after that, the team of the Horticulture Department will do the survey.

The officials of the National Highways Division have said that they will do their best to ensure that there is minimum damage to the existing green area. He has also identified these trees well and he also anticipates that he will not need to cut down some of them. Because there is a divider where the foundation of the flyover will go. He will cut only those trees which will pose a great danger to the travelers, otherwise, he will have to cut some branches.

Conduct a feasibility study

However, environmental activists have their own concerns. Green activist Anasuya Kale-Chhabrani has said that the flyover should be designed in such a way that the already declining green cover of the city is not damaged at all. Especially the very old trees remain untouched. There are sustainable architects who are very keen to save these trees while designing the infrastructure. Now the time has also come for the officials to change their attitude and move towards sustainable development.

Activists have also said that there is a need to conduct a feasibility study before planning such projects. Activist Wasudev Mishra has said that flyovers are also being built, but where are the traffic assessment reports? In addition, a joint survey should also be conducted with the Nagpur Municipal Corporation and third parties to assess the environmental damage caused by similar projects. And at a time when he is battling the climate crisis, Whatever green cover is left in this city, all efforts should be made to save it. For this, these officers must take guidance from experts.

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