High Fashion Makeup Schools in Delhi

Shruti Kukreja is a one-stop destination to learn all high fashion makeup in Delhi. It includes haute couture, avant-garde, etc. Shruti Kukreja has garnered her excellence in this field from the prestigious Makeup School in Scandinavia, Europe. After several years of her practice in Europe, she is striving to bring the latest techniques used in the field of hi-fashion or high fashion makeup.

Scope of Haute Couture Makeup

Haute couture makeup has numerous openings when it comes to the fashion
industry. This genre of makeup looks can be seen on the runway and fashion
show models, for advertisements and special photo shoots, in fashion and beauty
magazines, and for pageants or performance events. You’ll come across these
looks in makeup artists’ portfolios (often used to showcase their talent) and for
makeup competitions or challenges, college events, and other special events. In
Paris, there is a fashion show named after this genre of makeup “Paris Haute
Couture Fashion Week”. From subtle makeup to graphic lines haute couture makeup provides a specialized career. It is basically showcasing the elite side of fashion, which requires a lot of creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. As you learn and proceed to brush up your skills your remuneration increases. After acquiring valid experience you can easily earn between 25-40k per day. Shruti Kukreja provides the haute couture makeup course at a very reasonable price. Don’t forget to check out some of her eye-
popping and drool-worthy haute couture makeup creations on her Instagram

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