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Hotels and restaurants allowed to operate till midnight

There is also a possibility of a decision on extending the timings of all liquor shops and all bars on Thursday.

Nagpur: Perhaps for the first time in the district, permission has been given to operate all hotels and restaurants till midnight. There is also a possibility of a decision on extending the timings of all liquor shops and all bars on Thursday.

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According to these latest guidelines of the state government, the municipal commissioner named Radhakrishnan B. And the collector whose name is R Vimala. Both have ordered to implement the increase in time on Wednesday. The complete closure time for all other establishments is now 11 PM. The revised timings have been implemented from Wednesday itself. By Tuesday, everything had to be closed till 10 pm.

The treasurer of Nagpur Eatery Owners Association named Mandeep Singh Padam. He has described the extension till midnight as “a historic and welcome move”. Before the arrival of coronavirus, eateries were allowed to open till 11.30 pm. An additional time of about 1 hour was given for evacuation. We request all the officials that it should now be done by 1-1.30 hrs.

Mandeep Singh Padam has said that all hoteliers should follow all the guidelines of coronavirus properly. “Now home delivery has been allowed only for full 24 hours and it should be continued now,”

Employees working in eateries expected

Welcoming this move, the hotelier whose name is Rahul Modi. He said that Due to the lockdown, frequent revision of timings. And no work at all till late in the evening, we have suffered a huge financial loss. The extension will also greatly benefit all the people. Because people will easily get food of their choice till late night. Along with this a large number of employees working in all the eateries can also expect to go back once again on the old salary. This midnight time should be made permanent.

Rahul Modi also feels that the extended time will help each. And every one of the guidelines to be adhered to. “Now it will be very easy to maintain the capacity up to about 50%. As the customer penetration can be reduced to very little,” he said.

The district administration has not yet issued a revised order for all liquor and bar shops on Wednesday. Sources in the district administration and excise department have said that the timings of all liquor and bar shops will also remain the same till midnight.

Hotelier whose name is Jasbir Singh Arora. He has said that all bar shops should be allowed to remain open till around 1.30 pm. “It was allowed even before the Covid pandemic,”.

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