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Vaccination coverage in 5 Vidarbha districts better than state average

The recently released data by the health department of this state shows that the vaccination coverage of covid-19 is good in almost every single district of Vidarbha.

Nagpur: It is now very well established that vaccination against coronavirus is proving very beneficial in preventing the spread of the virus covid-19 daily caseload in vidarbha has come down drastically. Because more than 65% of the eligible population has now been vaccinated for covid-19.

The recently released data by the health department of this state shows that the vaccination coverage of covid-19 is very good in almost every single district of the whole of Vidarbha. In fact, 5 out of 6 districts of Nagpur, Bhandara, Gondia, Wardha and Chandrapur in Nagpur division performed well above the state average of 69.58%.

Whereas Bhandara district has achieved more than 90% first dose coverage of covid-19. And after Mumbai and Pune, it has now come in third place in the entire state. Neighboring Gondia district has moved up to 6th position. While Chandrapur, Nagpur and Wardha have come in at 11th, 12th and 13th position respectively. These 5 districts are among the top 13 districts where more than 70% of the eligible population has already been vaccinated with at least one dose of COVID-19.

Gadchiroli district is on 19th rank in Nagpur district division with more than 60% population.

The performance of Akola Health Board (Amravati Revenue Board) has been a matter of concern in recent times. With less than 50% of adults vaccinated against COVID-19, Akola continues to rank 32 among the lowest five districts in Maharashtra.

Population with at least one dose

Amravati, the revenue division headquarter, is currently at the 27th position. Buldhana (28) and Yavatmal (30) have vaccinated just over 50% of the population with only a single dose of COVID-19. Overall, all these districts still need to work on their coronavirus vaccination model to achieve the desired outcome.

As far as the corona vaccine coverage of the entire state is concerned, In Marathwada, Nanded district is still at the bottom with a coverage of close to 46%, Whereas neighboring Hingoli is at 2nd position with around 48%.

Mumbai currently leads the charts almost (97%), followed by Pune around (91%). The administration there is expecting to have more than 100% coverage. Because there is a large number of migrant population inside both the cities, who would be taking jobs only in these cities. At present, the government does not have any kind of mechanism to know whether the people who vaccinated the coronavirus were natives of the city or migrants.

Now, the next goal is to further increase the second dose coverage of the coronavirus. This will go a long way in normalizing life for everyone.

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