Take a quick look around you, everything you lay your eyes on has a backstory. Everything has gone through a journey that ultimately reached its destination in front of you.

Everything has had someone working behind the scenes. The movie you watched had the actors on screen, and directors, art designers, stylists and many more working tirelessly.

The food in front of you had farmers and cooks or your mother and father behind, pouring their heart and soul into the plate.

Everything has an unsung hero that works passionately to deliver the end products you adore.

The websites you visit, the articles you read, the campaigns you see and the exponentially growing accounts you follow, all have someone working to make them and then keep up and running.

And, Kushagra Anand, the 19-year-old business consultant and PR Expert from Katni, Madhya Pradesh does all four and much more passionately and tirelessly. His firms – Marketing Crown and Indian Crown Media are appropriately named, given his king-like hold over the digital scene in the country.

Anand is a pro web page developer, partners with many leading news outlets, experienced in working with brands and an expert in the field of social media marketing.

He does digital marketing, business consulting and PR work, and describes himself as an entrepreneur above these all.

He is driven by his desire to be an independent individual who can be a reliable figure for not only his friends and family but also his loved ones. Seeing his remarkable success at such a young age, his loved ones turn to him for advice. And seeing his admirable work ethic and track record, his clients keep coming back whenever they require PR, digital marketing or consultancy services.

Anand stepped into this field alone and taught himself the ropes. Since he wasn’t spoon-fed by anyone the principles and practices of any of the services he offers, he is not some rote robot. Instead, he has captured the pulse of all his services and can tailor-make everything to get the best results.

Having no one to guide you can be scary but in Anand’s case, it made him stronger and self-sufficient. He is a factory that keeps delivering success stories one after another.

When he started, he was a wide-eyed boy ready to take on every challenge and take in all that was happening around him. Today Kushagra Anand is dedicated and focused on the work and skills he has learned. For the future, he plans on scaling up his operations.

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