Kunal Devar founder of KDThreadss Uplifting His Entrepreneurial Journey With His Innovative Ideas

Kunal Devar started on very young in his life, owing to his big dreams and the willingness to achieve great things. He’s very first job was selling back covers, only at the age of 15. At that point of time he did not quite earn a lot because the price margin of those was about 25 to ₹30. Moreover, he was also balancing his academics as well as his part time job at the same time.

Very soon, Kunal started to take an interest into the textile industry. currently he has a very successful brand names KDthreadss. He designs his own brand tee shirt and handles every activity of the business organisation. therefore he was able to serve more than 10,000 clients in total, which is a huge handle altogether. He is also open to helping others into organising their startup.

Around early 2021, in 25th of January, Kunal Devar came up with the plan of a brand new project. Him, along with his two other friends Suraj Khot and Prasad Thakur wanted to join in and make it happen. The basic idea was to set up a shop which would provide commodities related to decorations of all kinds and gifts for various events. Soon enough they were able to establish their very own shop in Mumbai, specifically in Dombivli West.

Kunal Devar is currently pursuing his BMS degree from KJ Somaiya College. Therefore, he is surely very validated and connected with entrepreneurship fields. Apart from his clothing business, he also has a great deal of interest in digital marketing.He has been learning about it for about more than 1 ½ years and has managed to create his very own agency of digital marketing. Kdsocialhub provides with a wide range of services. They provide for services like SMM website development, PR support, promotions related to brands as well as songs and some other media, and so on. He had initially started out alone with this work but eventually he was joined by 25 other freelance workers who currently work under him, as a part of the business.

We can say that Kunal really has some great ideas. He has received a lot of certificates from institutions which value his work as an entrepreneur, from MYshopprime. Moreover, the immense support from his father as well as his Sir Mr Rahul Kulkarni helped him to stay determined on his path.

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