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Kharra and Cigarettes sold in Vegetable Shops in Nagpur

In the current time of lockdown, things have gone from bad to worse and it continues to turn bad. All the stores and shops are locked for obvious reasons to keep the situation under control due to the COVID-19. However, the vegetable shops and daily needs products shops have remained open to cater the people with the required stuff. However, amidst all this, we are coming across the reports that these vegetable shops are also selling Kharra and cigarettes. 

As per reports, a few of the traders have been doing this in the areas like Khamla and Trimurti Chowk while they are operating in the pretext of selling vegetables and fruits in the area. The fact of the matter is these are simple vegetable stores at the front end but at the back end these shops are operating like pan, kharra and cigarette shops in the said areas. Also, there are reports that people are getting similar things in Trimurti Nagar as well. 

Since the local administration has allowed the vegetable shops to remain open along with more stores, hence the businesses are seen taking undue advantage with the same. Also, with the growing rush over these vegetable shops that have ruined the norms of social distancing in these areas. Stay tuned to know more about it and others only with us. 

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