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Maharashtra: Class XII CBSE students find biology exam easy

CBSE Class XII students, who appeared for the second Biology exam on Monday.

Nagpur: CBSE Class XII students, who appeared for the second Biology exam on Monday, He has said that the paper came very easy and he was able to complete it within the allotted time as well. Some others have also found this paper to be of moderate difficulty.

students biology exam easy

As Kadambari Dhurve, a student of Kendriya Vidyalaya said, “The exam has been very good. I was almost done 3 sets. I also feel like the other sets were tougher and I feel like I was much more fortunate. The time allotted for the exam was also perfect. There was no hurdle in the exam at all, it was smooth.”

Anchal More, a student of another Kendriya Vidyalaya, has found this test to be “mild”. He said, “There were no overly complicated questions in it at all. It was very easy to solve these questions well. The plus point was that the exam was not very difficult, so I hope I will be able to score quite well.”

Center Point School (CPS), Katol Road, student Anuska Atre said, “The exam was absolutely average. It was not that good for me at all because I had not studied up to the same level. But the paper came quite easy and I was able to solve it absolutely in the given time. I got set 2, in which all types of questions were also there like objective, diagram, descriptive, etc. I am hoping to score very well.”

Satish Kendre of Kendriya Vidyalaya said that the exam was quite moderate. “There were no stressful questions at all. He had solved this exam ahead of time, so time was not a big problem for me at all. Set 2 came out a bit tough according to me. Overall, the exam went well,” he said.

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