Make way for Razor, aka Razorartist, taking over the musical world as a true-blue professional.

The passionate musical soul is all about his commitment and high creativity in music and beats.

The way a few industries and sectors of the world have been gaining massive growth and development cannot just be attributed to the advent of technology. One cannot go without crediting the immense passion and incessant hard work with which a few individuals and professionals work their way to the top and garner massive growth for their respective sectors in ways more than one. The music world is a world of its own, which so far has seen the emergence of many such talented beings who go ahead in creating a unique niche for themselves, eventually inspiring others in the industry. We came to learn about one such incredible musical artist named Razor, aka Razorartist, who believed in his musical visions and thus went ahead to become a well-known name in UK’s music scene.


Razor has made quite a name for himself in the music world, thriving on his love and madness for music, which he says had started at a very young age. Hailing from North London, the young talent always took great inspiration from the greats in the industry and paved his own path to success ultimately as a true-blue singer, musician, and performer. His passion for music also led him to be known for his 5-series mixtape, which garnered incredible momentum in the industry.

The UK-based artist has always made sure to give hits one after the other and enthral all listeners and music lovers with something that they can cherish for the longest time in music; such has been his excellence through songs like Once A Woman Twice A Child, Rainy Days, Best of Luck, Swimming In Your Ovaries, Dead Marshes, Ride for Me, Reasons, Make Up To Break Up, Run’s House, and Get It In.

To know more, follow him on Instagram @razorartist and check out his songs on Spotify

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